Amadine MAC
Amadine MAC

Amadine MAC

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Nothing superfluous. Essential functionality. Design with ease.

Amadine is the perfect solution for vector graphics design professionals as well as amateurs with creative minds. Developed with precision and attention to what users need, this graphic design app offers every tool and function to bring the craziest ideas to life. User friendliness together with the cutting edge vector drawing tools guarantees a smooth learning curve.

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Perfectly Balanced UI

Master the new drawing software for Mac with the neat and convenient UI that guarantees swift and easy workflow.

Vector art in Amadine interface

Use to Create

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Charts and Graphs

Diverse Vector Art

The high-end Pen tool encapsulates the expertise of precision-driven curves creation with multiple stroke effect. A supreme level of control over modifiers breathes life into every curve you draw.

Fun vector graphics
Vector car

Advanced Drawing

Implemented for simplicity of use, the Draw tool has everything to create graphics that resembles a hand-drawn image.

Variable Strokes

The Width tool allows you to create variable unique strokes to give your drawing an artistic touch. Simply drag a handle to create and save a custom profile.

Vector artwork with interface

Juicy Colors

Utilize color fill and overlapping fills for unique vector art. Divinely polished gradients and countless hue options are at your disposal.

Gradient art with interface

Distinct Effects

With Inner Glow, Outer Glow, Shadow and Blur effects, alter your vector graphics and add depth to your illustrations to make them perfectly stylized.

Cartoon vectorwork

Lettering and Typography

Inspiration-driven text tools are bound to produce effective results, whether you need a heading or frames for text.

Vector lettering

Pressure Sensitive Stroke

Take advantage of Pressure Sensitive Stroke to enhance your drawing process on graphic tablets.

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