SU Podium V2 Edu (EN, WIN/MAC, LIC)
SU Podium V2 Edu (EN, WIN/MAC, LIC)

SU Podium V2 Edu (EN, WIN/MAC, LIC)

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SU Podium

SU Podium is a photo-realistic rendering plug-in for SketchUp Pro or Free, Windows or Mac. For in depth video presentation of various features of Podium, take a look at the video tutorials.

Podium works entirely inside SketchUp and uses SketchUp's surfaces, textures, groups, background color and shadows to produce photo-realistic images. Anyone familiar with SketchUp's modeling methods will find Podium to be easy to use. It does not require you to learn a lot of complicated rendering techniques.

Podium employs a very simple user interface inside SketchUp. The two main options in the user interface are the amount of lighting and the amount of reflection applied to a SketchUp face or group.

Typ licencji - Edukacyjna, licencja internetowa
System operacyjny - Windows 2000, XP, Vista (32, 64bit), 7 lub
Mac OS X 10.7 lub nowszy
Wersja językowa - Angielska
Kompatybilny z - SketchUp
Liczba stanowisk - 1
Okres ważności licencji - Bezterminowa

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